Woo de La Kitchen


We are a family who has always catered to ourselves, our friends, and our community in regards to food, hospitality, togetherness, and sustainability.

We have grown up in this community as a family, with our roots extending to the United Kingdom. We have made many lasting friendships and have formed strong bonds throughout our journey to this day. We have always had dreams of having the capability to do what we love, not only for our business, but for our livelihood.

"To make those who are among us feeling welcome, comfortable, and understood."

Our vision is to create a haven, a spot, a "cultural eatery" within our community. The same community that has supported us for the last six decades. We envision a healthy alternative to food options for the members of our community. Options that will accentuate their lifestyle, work schedules, family life, etc.

Aside from our "gourmet grab-n-go" storefront, we also aim to cater intimate events and formal gatherings from our location in order to further our closeness within our community. Business luncheons, private dinners, cooking classes, etc.

It is within these services to you, that we feel most comfortable. These are the things that we love to do, what we are passionate about, and what comes naturally to us as a family. Through our talents and dedication, we plan on recreating the mercantile vibrancy that once ruled the courtyards of Briarcrest. We want to quench the need of our young demographic through farm to table food selections, eclectic atmosphere and outstanding customer service. We wish to achieve this by providing a product that is high in quality and also of value to our guests. To support adjacent businesses, farms and charities around us, so we may be symbiotic and complimentary of each other.

Our intentions are honest and pure. We dedicate our lives to our families and our work, and what we can deliver to you, our community & backbone.

-Jordan K. Albert & Family

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